Student Responsibilities

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Student Responsibilities

Students selected to participate in the Australian / German Student Exchange Program are required to make appropriate preparations before departure, to follow some rules whilst in Germany and to discharge some responsibilities upon their return.

Preparations before Departure

A separate flyer lists the formal preparations that parents must make (passports, insurance, etc).
In addition, students and parents should make the usual preparations for an extended overseas trip, including:

  • Medical and dental checkup.
  • Medical prescriptions, if required (advise host family of any medical or nutritional needs).
  • Suitable clothing for winter in Germany (advice of host family should be sought).
  • Arrangements for pocket money etc
  • Arrangements for communication between student and family.

Also, students and their families are expected to attend an informal lunch after the Foundation AGM in early November to meet Foundation members before their exchange.

Activities in Germany

Whilst in Germany, students are required to:

  • Stay with their appointed host family.
  • Attend classes and other activities at the cooperating exchange school
  • Participate in the other activities of their exchange partner and host family.
  • Conform to the house rules of the host family, in particular those dealing with health and safety.
  • Keep a diary of events and activities.
  • Maintain regular contact with their own family.
  • Make fortnightly contact with the nominated teacher back in Adelaide.

Activities after return to Adelaide

Upon return to Adelaide, students are required to:

  • Write a brief report on their exchange experience, and submit this report, together with the diary, to the class teacher at the beginning of the next school year.
  • Write a formal letter of thanks to the host family and host teacher.
  • Attend an informal “welcome back” function with members of the Foundation ((typically a Saturday lunch at the German Club in early February).
  • Give an informal presentation to Year 10 and 11 students at the German Language School and at their own school if German is taught there.
  • Help to promote German Exchange though our Foundation in following years. You are the best ambassadors for the program and your experiences will be more encouraging to others.