Host Family Responsibilities

Link to pdf file:       Host_Family_Resp_20170429


………1.    Host Family Responsibilities

  1. (1)  Individual student accommodation is to be provided by the host family.(2)  Activities with the host family’s school are to take up the school day.

    (3)  The host family has responsibility for out of school activities.

    (4)  Accommodation standards

    • Single sex bedrooms
    • Appropriate washing and toilet facilities
    • Awareness of any student special needs
    • Appropriate communication facilities to enable contact with parents / supervisor

    (5)  Host families are responsible for:

    • transport arrangements within country
    • special nutrition / care needs, if any
    • safety of students through appropriate supervision
    • information about time to be shared with host family

    (6)  Host families must ensure that they are readily contactable by the supervisor and exchange family.

    2.  School Reciprocal Attendance Agreement

    The host family must check that their school is willing to accept the German exchange student on a casual basis during the period of the July/August exchange.

    Here is a template of a suitable letter to send to their school:

        School Reciprocal Atttendance Agreement 20200229 template (.doc)

…… School Reciprocal Attendance Agreement 20200229-template (.pdf)

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